Did you know that robots have been around since the BC time period (About)? From da Vinci to R2-D2, robots have come a long way and will soon be their own species. Here are some interesting facts about robots through the ages:

According to Hans Moravec, founder of Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute, robots will emerge as their own species by 2040. (Discover)

Leonardo da Vinci was the first to introduce the idea of robots when he referenced and sketched “mechanical knights” in 1495. NASA later created his robot. (Visually)

Research suggests that two-thirds of people who own Roomba robot vacuum cleaners have named their machine and some even clean up first before switching them on. (How It Works)

The first robot appearance in cinema was in Houdini’s The Master Mystery. The robot was referred to as “The Automation” because the term “robot” did not exist yet. (Boing Boing)

The theory of “the uncanny valley” proposes that people don’t find realistic robots as appealing as a robot that is toylike and capable of only simple, humanlike gestures. This is why R2-D2 is so popular. (Smithsonian)

We bet da Vinci would have loved to dream up new modules to add to ZoZbot … ;)

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