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Ken Miller, our founder and lead engineer, holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and has over 40 years of systems design and product development under his belt. His variety of successful projects have resulted in 15+ US patents, with many more pending - including some inside the ZoZbot.

Our industrial design, electrical and mechanical engineering, video game development, prototyping, and manufacturing crew members hail from three continents centered on California’s Silicon Valley. Collectively they’ve brought products to market for companies from multinational corporations to start-ups. With over 125 years of collective experience in bringing products to US and international markets, our team is poised to launch ZoZbot around the world.

Supporting our manufacturing efforts, our team of graphic design, digital storytelling, video, PR,  marketing, and corporate culture professionals have worked with global companies, VC firms, as well as early and late stage startups, to bring both physical and virtual products to market.

Backed by legal authorities in inventorship, business and the entrepreneurial arts, intellectual property, commercial, and international law, our team rests on a firm foundation that will guide us in taking ZoZbot and Robo-Gaming from startup aspirant to global sensation.

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From Humble Inspiration

ZoZbot was conceived in 2012 while Ken, our founder, was contemplating the salt and pepper shakers on his dining room table: "What if I had a little robot that could push these around and knock them off the table?” he wondered. “If everyone at the table had a similar robot and a set of shakers, we could have some fun playing games with them". And so the spark for Robo-Gaming was ignited.

Soon the robot was envisioned as ZoZbot, a super-fun modular technology and gaming platform with a classic retro sci-fi flying saucer aesthetic. The table transformed into an expanded pool table, and then again into a modular stadium - the ZoZadium. The salt and pepper shakers morphed into pool balls and then more versatile tennis balls, or ZoZballs as we like to call them. To help players try out their ideas we created the ZoZulator, a computer-based simulator.

What started as a simple idea has evolved into Robo-Gaming, an exciting new form of entertainment. Robo-Games using ZoZballs combine the best features of Pool, Pinball, Mini-Golf, Soccer, and Shooting Galleries. With our expandable platform and DIY mindset, the possibilities are as infinite as all of ZoZspace.

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